Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disney Holiday Party

It was cold and awesome! Thanks so much for everyone who joined us for the photo!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kaman's Art Show

It's time for another Kaman's art group art show!!
The one last year turned out so well.. We must have another!

Featured Creatures!!!

A 2 dimensional piece piece done by you!!
Theme- Create your very own creature/ creatures
So this means a drawing, painting or any media you wish for the piece..
These creatures can be mystical, magical, cuddly, scary.. It's all up to you!
They could have wings, 3 eyes 10 tails, horns ect. the list goes on..? You decide..
Then place it in it's very own environment!!

There will also be a 3 dimentional aspect to the show
Where you will be given a special black 3d object that you will paint draw add to it whatever you like to give it it's original character.
These will be the 3d creatures!
You will be able to pick the blank object up May 8th the at the the have till the end of the month to finish it!!
The show will take place in the beginning of June!
Pieces due May 28th..
This gives you time to work on your piece..
More details to be announced.

Show will be at Picture This in Long Beach
The entry fee will be $15-this covers the gallery fee, fliers
Entry fee due before May 5th to the office- Athena, Angie, Aly or Liz.
This covers cost for the blank object and food and drinks for the rec
You keep all $ if your piece sells.. The show will be up for a month.
It would be wonderful if everyone is involved!
If you have any questions..
Please RSVP by the 5th of May so I know you are participating!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Annual Kaman's Holiday Party

This Tuesday the 22nd at the House of Blues is our Annual Holiday Ball! Thrill to the delightful sounds of Guild and Alyssandra! Eat lovely goodies! Enjoy yourselves!!! 9PM-Midnight!!!!

(By the way, the foods free, but it's a cash bar, so, now you know--and knowing is half the battle!!)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Gallery!!!

Hello Guys !

Just giving everyone a heads up, we are going to have our Holiday Gallery opening on Dec.10,2009, we are going to be starting it at 8pm. Like the last opening, were going to have a potluck and also we are going to have some live music. So come on out and join the fun!!!

Also, if you haven't turned in a piece yet for the gallery, you can still do so, just drop them off at the office by Dec.7. If you guys have any questions, just ask Athena, Will, Jaclyn or me.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Gallery Costume Ball Update

Hey Gang!
The gallery showing has been bumped up to Wednesday, October 21st! Deadline for all art is Monday the 19th!!! Get on it!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Art Gallery!!!

It's Halloween time and as such we are doing a little something to commemorate it! As most of you already know (via Facebook) we are going to be doing a Halloween-Themed Art Gallery at our office. I am here to give you all the nifty tidbits of info that your going to need in order to have your work up!

First off, We are accepting submissions beginning October 1st (Thursday), we will keep accepting art pieces until October 12th (Monday), The gallery itself will open on October 14th (Wednesday).

Rules for submission: Anything Halloween related, and as far as content goes use your best judgment, they will be hung at the office (a place of business) for two and a half weeks maybe longer. So make it anything you want just make sure they aren't too vulgar.

Secondly, all art pieces must be framed and ready to be hung up when you bring it in. You can turn it in to Athena at the office when it is ready.

Thirdly, On the day of the opening we will also have our Halloween Potluck/Party at the office from 8pm to 10pm

Lastly, It's a Halloween Party so of course come in costume!!!

If you guys have any more questions contact me (Will) or Jaclyn

I'll see you guys there!!!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come support Mr. Andrew Pedroza!!!

you buy your tickets presale. they've been selling out every night so far, and if they get a full house, they buy the whole audience pizza at the end of the show!

and if you buy for thurs, aug 6, you buy one get one free

it's soooooo good.

STARRING Andrew Pedroza as Noon. Deal with it.